Catch Our Exclusive Interview Series With The Highly Inspirational & Extremely Talented Celebrity Stylist Aastha Sharma

Unplugged With Aastha Sharma: Part 1:

"What according to you is your personal style?"

Aastha Sharma’s personal style is very easy and comfortable. She prefers wearing comfortable clothing because she’s always busy with sourcing, meetings and running errands because of her job as an extremely successful stylist. She’s definitely passionate about her work and follows fashion but comfort has always been her first priority.❤️ … Interview by: Devangi Chopra

Unplugged With Aastha Sharma: Part 2

"How did you get into styling?"

The story of how Aastha Sharma got into styling is actually quite interesting! She was originally studying Fashion Marketing and Merchandising for her masters and was suggested styling by one of her seniors since she wasn’t quite keen towards pursuing marketing. And that was it, from that day onwards, she found her love for styling and never let it go. A hands-on experience of an internship with Harpers Bazaar Magazine @bazaarindia also opened up a larger pathway towards her career in styling.❤️ … Interview by: @devangichopra

Unplugged With Aastha Sharma: Part 3

"What's it like, a day in the life of a stylist?"

Aastha Sharma reveals to us what its really like living a day in the life of a stylist. Being a stylist is extremely hectic where in you find yourself running around, answering the phone, sourcing, running errands, getting things you want, being on shoot and being hands-on. Her usual days are very long and she normally doesn’t get any weekends off but with styling being her superpower, she thoroughly enjoys it! And that’s her normal day… Everyday! ❤️ … Interview by: @devangichopra