• Devangi Chopra

    Devangi Chopra

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My dream to be able to pursue both, my passion for music as well as fashion was the main reason as to how I came up with the name #thegirlwithadoublelife
Many people have always asked me why I chose to pursue such diversified fields and how I managed to balance everything at such a young age, but I knew in my heart that I strongly believed in the philosophy of following your dreams, and doing what you love! I genuinely owe it all to my parents for always being so loving and supportive and always encouraging me to pursue my dreams to the fullest.
I wanted to thank everyone who have been by my side throughout this journey since 2008 and have supported me as well as my music and now my blog!
A special shout out out to The Wedding Filmer for always encouraging me and supporting my music and especially for the wonderful memories and the success of ‘Chal Le Chal’ and ‘Arziyaan’ 🙂 Here’s to many more years to come filled with magic, miracles, music, and prada! #moreissuesthanvogue # TGWDL

� xo – #DCnotDesi Love, @devangichopra

Devangi Chopra - Arziyaan

Devangi Chopra - Arziyaan for The Wedding FIlmer

Devangi Chopra - Chal Le Chal

Devangi Chopra - Chal Le Chal for The Wedding Filmer